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Privacy Policy

INFORMATION LETTER about the personal data processing on the website according to the EU decree 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of council of the 27th of April 2016 (GDPR).

Alfa s.r.l. is the holder of the personal data of the users of this website, according to the EU decree UE 2016/679 (GDPR). Paragraphs 13 and 14 of the EU act 2016 / 679 establish that the interested party has to be informed about the following points. The present information letter concerns only this website and not other sites eventually browsed through an external link. The information letter is written in observance of the procedure’s prescription 229 / 2014 of the privacy surveillance authority. It complies with the admonition nr. 2 / 2001, that the European authority for privacy, assembled in the group set up by the paragraph 29 of the guideline nr. 95/46/CE, opted for on the 17th of May 2001. The aim is to identify the minimum requirements for the collecting of personal data online, especially the method, duration and nature of the information that the holder of the treatment should give to the user, regardless to the browsing aim.

Treated data

User provided data
Alfa s.r.l. does not collect and treat data, that the user willingly gives when interacting with the functions of the website (there are no forms to fill out or to collect data or to register to the newsletter).

Browsing data
The computer systems and the browsing procedures obtain some data which transmission is implicit in the use of the communication protocols in the internet. This kind of information could identify the users through associations with data held by third parties. To this data belong the IP addresses and the domain’s name of the users that visit the website, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the query time, the method used to submit the query to the server, the file dimension of the answer, the code which shows the answer status (ok, error…) and other parameters of the operating system and technological environment of the user. This data are used just to collect statistical information about the use of the website, to control its functioning and are saved no longer than 7 days. The data could be used to verify the responsibility if crimes against the website are suspected and are saved as long as legally necessary.

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that can be stored on your device when you enter the website in order to save some information and that are then relayed to the website at your next visit. Cookies can help Alfa s.r.l. to:
  • Understand your preferences to optimize the website functioning and your using of it, also when you are changing page or session;
  • supervising and analyzing the performances, the functioning and effectiveness of the website, in order to enhance and optimize it.

The website does not use cookies that allow to start programs or to control the devices you are using. We do not use cookies to access to information on your devices, to save data on them or to monitor its activities.

We can allow to technical or business partners to put cookies on your devices when you are interacting with the website. Alfa s.r.l. uses for example Google Analytics for web analytics services and Google can position cookies on your devices. This information letter concerns the handling of data by Alfa s.r.l. of the informations that it obtained thanks to cookies.

Most of the browser accept automatically cookies, but in general the browser allows to modify the settings regarding the cookies management. It is possible to refuse the receiving of all cookies together or to accept some of them and disable others. The sessions called “options” or “personal settings” of the browser menu allow to avoid the receiving of cookies and other tracking technologies of the user and explain how to obtain the notification by the browser when these technologies are activated. As an alternative it is possible to manage cookies consulting the “help” section in the tool bar which you can find in most of the browser and visit the corresponding websites, as Internet Explorer , Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Please remember that the disabling of the cookies could reduce the possibility to browse on the website and prevent the possibility to benefit from the functions and services of the website. You find below a cookies list that helps you choosing which cookies you do accept und which ones you do refuse

  • Essential cookies: they are set up by the website visited by the user, whose address appears on the URL window of the visited website.
  • Third party cookies: they are set up from a different domain. If a user visits the website and a different company sends an information using this website, third party cookies are used in this moment.
  • Session cookies: these cookies are temporarily saved and are deleted when the user closes the browsing window.
  • Permanent cookies: they are saved on the user’s device between the browsing sessions and they save the preferences or what the user does on a website.
  • Essential or technical cookies: these cookies are necessary for the functioning of a website. Without these cookies some parts of the website would not work. They include cookies which allow entering the protected area of a website. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and could not be disabled. They are installed by Alfa s.r.l. and they are used just for functional reasons, therefore your consent is not necessary for the installation.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies identify the user when it goes back to the website and they allow to personalise the contents and save the user’s personal settings (such as chosen language and region). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user, but all the information are anonymous
  • Third parties outlining cookies: these cookies are installed by subjects different from Alfa s.r.l. and you consent is necessary for the set up. Alfa s.r.l. does not use directly these cookies, even if this website uses incorporated objects that download third party cookies that can identify the interests, searching or browsing of the user. You find the links here below for detailed information and to manage the consent. Moreover you find here below the list of the cookies used on this website and their functions, duration included.

Type of Cookie Origin Function Duration
First part - Technical Alfa s.r.l. They are necessary for the correct functioning of some parts of the website . If they are not installed the website or some parts of it could not work correctly. The website manage these cookies only for the user’s authentication, they are anonymous and no substantial information is saved. Moreover no personal information is saved by the website manager and forwarded to third parties. Session and permanent cookies
Third part - functional Google Analytics They collect the information about how the users interact with the website; fill in reports to improve the website; collect the number of the guests , their origin and the visited pages. Further informations at the following this link Permanent cookies

Here below you find the links to the third part informations.
Google (Google Inc.)

Treatment’s owner
Alfa s.r.l. owns the treatment of its personal data, the offices are in Via Guglielmo Marconi 16, 30033 Noale (Venezia). Contacts: Telephone +39 041 5781449, e-mail

Legal purpose and base of the treatment
These data are treated with the support of information technologies and telecommunications:
  • For the technical administration of the website (legitimate interest of the treatment’s owner in the administration and optimization of his website);
  • To analyze the traffic statistics, sending them to third parties (consent).

Subjects to whom personal data can be communicated
The collected and elaborated data can be transmitted in Italy and in the EU just for the purposes mentioned above to the following subjects:
  • Web services suppliers;
  • Public, legal and control authorities, law enforcement if controls, audits and inspections are necessary;
  • Subjects that can access to your data according to regulations or secondary legislation.
In order to use Google Analytics, we can send your data to Google Inc. in the U.S.A., a state who could not guarantee appropriate privacy standards according to GDPR. We comply with adequate rules, which guarantee the same protection as in Europe, when we transfer data from the EU to other countries. Further informations about Google Analytics privacy are available here:
Your data will not be spread.

Processing’s duration
Personal data collected through cookies are processed just for the time necessary to reach the aim because of which they were collected (see table with the cookies’ list). In order to prevent data loss, illegal use and non authorized accesses, security measures are observed.
The data will be deleted or become anonymous as soon as the processing is over.

Rights of the people concerned
Relativamente ai dati medesimi lei, così come ogni persona fisica interessata dal trattamento:
  • You have the right to access your data, modify or delete them, as well as limit or oppose to their processing or keeping;
  • You have the right to revoke the consent at any moment without compromising the processing validity based upon your approval before the revocation;
  • You can complain at the Italian jurisdiction for privacy (
The processing owner undertakes to answer in a month (2 months in more compex cases)

Compulsoriness and consequences of the refusal
You can set up your browser so that it automatically rejects the cookies, however the rejection of technical cookies could make the navigation harder.
Any variation will be communicated through the enterprise’s website. The processing’s owner can modify this information letter at any moment and inform the users throug this website (the reference is the date of the last change referred to below). If the changes will not be accepted, the user should stop visiting this website and can ask that his/her data will be removed. The previous information letter will be adopted to the data collected until that moment.
Please read the information letter concerning the aforementioned treatments and the consequent communications and diffusion.

Date of the last change: 24th July 2019